About Car Care

At ParkSmart we offer a variety of car care services. Please choose the service you would like to have performed on your vehicle while you are away.

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* NOTE: All Services are subject to a 6.5% FL Sales Tax and 8.48% Location Fee.

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Deluxe Wash & Wax
Hand wash and dry, clean doorjambs, vacuum interior, dress all interior-leather/vinyl and exterior vinyl and tires. Hand wax and buff, clean windows and glass.
Interior Detail
Vacuum interior, clean and dress all vinyl. Clean and condition leather. Cotton swab cleaning of dashboard. Clean doorjambs, shampoo carpets and mats. Trunks and glove compartments not included.
Deluxe In/Out
Hand wash and dry, vacuum interior, clean doorjambs. Dress all interior-leather/vinyl and exterior vinyl and tires
Headligh Restoration
Headlight Restoration 40.00 per Pair.
Deluxe Exterior Wash
Hand wash and dry, mag or wire wheels cleaned and tires dressed.

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