Car Care Services

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Complete Detail
Vacuum interior, clean & dress all vinyl leather inside & outside, cotton swab cleaning of the dashboard & doorjambs, shampoo carpets & mats, wheels cleaned, bugs removed, hand wax & buff the light oxidation& wax buildup, vehicle is deep cleaned and paint sealed to a shine, clean & dress tires, exterior trim, bumper, all mirrors and windows. Trunks/Glove compartments are not included unless requested.
Wash and Wax
Hand wash and dry, clean door jambs, vacuum interior, dress all interior leather/vinyl, dress exterior vinyl & tires, hand wax & buff, and windows cleaned inside & outside. Trunks/glove compartments are not included unless requested.
Deluxe In and Out Wash
Hand wash & dry, vacuum interior, clean doorjambs, dress all interior leather/vinyl, windows cleaned inside & outside, and dress all exterior vinyl and tires. Trunks /Glove compartments not included unless requested.
Oil Change
Inlcudes up to 5 quarts of oil (*extra charge for additional oil), new filter, and check vehicle fluids. **Synthetic oil ranges from $75 to $125, and may also include additional charge for specialty filter. Fluid check includes: chassis, transmission, power steering, radiator, washer fluid, tire pressure & wiper blades.
Deluxe Exterior Hand Wash
Hand wash and dry outside of vehicle; clean wheels (Mag & Wire) and dress the tires.
Windshield Wipers
Remove and replace windshield wipers- depending on availability.